Repeat procedure on opposite side. Their input on whether you need a mobility aid and what type, can aid you in the long run. The product's frame has a weight bearing limit of 75kg. Take out of box with sticker saying "THIS SIDE UP" showing. Insert the axle, with wheel attached, into the center receiver location until the axle button releases. A Base frame assembly (with) B Anti-tippers C Mast assembly D Wheels (2) E Bag containing axles and spacers Don’t remove the dial caps. The basket has a weight bearing limit of 10kg. They are generally recommended for users who require even more assistance and support when standing and walking and are designed for short distances. 5 Mast Locator Pins Fig. Remove the packing attached to your machine. Using the walking frame With both hands placed firmly around the handgrips at the top of the walking frame, lift and place the frame to a comfortable arm’s length ahead of you, making sure the frame is stable on the ground. Most walking frames come with a pre-determined weight limit to ensure maximum safety. The main purpose of a walking (zimmer) frame is to provide support to the user, it can help with keeping balance, it provides general support so that the person can move around as well as using it outside and it is useful also for when the user wishes to stop to take a rest as it provides something for him or her to hold onto. The frame is shipped flat. 4). Move the leg to the correct position using the raised indicators as your guide. Walkers & Walking Frames. KidWalk Owner’s Manual 7 ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS Fig. Part of the of the Independent Living Specialists family, Think Mobility has been supplying equipment for over 18 years and operating from locations in Brisbane, Caboolture (trading as Austech Medical), Toowoomba (previously trading as Medtech Equipment and Scott Street Mobility), Mackay, and Townsville (previously trading as Independent Living Solutions). Static (pick-up) walking frames Static (also known as pick-up) walking frames have four rubber stoppers (no wheels). Owner’s Manual . 10 What if the walking frame cannot hold up my size? Bella Vita Foldable Walking Frame - (BVFDWLKFRMA) - Manual Safety and Warnings. When using the frames, stand upright holding the frame with both hands. The walking of the machine is how much movement is in the foot. ... You also have the ability to adjust the walking of the machine. We supply, service, rent and hire new and used walkers, walking frames, rollators and zimmer frames New Zealand wide. Step in towards the frame, stepping off from your weaker leg (if … Before shopping for a walking frame, it is advisable that you consult your GP or physiotherapist for an initial assessment. Set the legs perpendicular to the frame by turning the dial caps counter-clockwise to loosen the knuckle assem-bly. 6 Mast Assembly Base Assembly 4. We offer an extensive range of mobility walkers. A zimmer, or walking frame is purposely made to be lightweight so that you can move it forward or sideways without exertion. Do not exceed these weights, otherwise distortion may occur. Locate the axle receiver locations on either side of the base frame (fig. 2 Table of Contents ... frame. KidWalk II Owner’s Manual 8 ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS Mast Release Pin Fig. The inside indicator should First: Open carton, remove and identify the following assemblies and components. This walking frame is used for shopping, carrying goods and taking rests. First remove this cover from the side of your machine. 1 Set-up and assembly on your KidWalk is easy when these directions are followed.

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