His experiments were on dead bodies. 7 World Records Held By Bruce Lee, The Martial Arts Guinness, 11 Ridiculously Funny Govinda Dialogues That Will Make You Go ROFL, Raj Kumar: 10 Epic Dialogues Of Jaani On His Birthday. It is rumored that in the days of the yore, wealthy babus often sexually exploited women in this building at night. West Bengal is celebrated for its several facets – old world nostalgia, grand festivals, great food, delightful sweets, and an easygoing way of life, among the most notable ones. The castle was a Luftwaffe headquarters during the WWII. It is also a part of the area covered by Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority . Not only does this castle protect the living, it also caters to the dead. The place gives off an ominous aura … Over the years, though, the landmark site has earned a reputation for being spooky as well. Many who have visited the place have reported seeing a woman crying in the hallway of this site. A man believed to have many arms and bulging eyes. Hallo und Herzlich Willkommen zum großen Vergleich. ghats are, by essence, creepy and sinister. These Countries Do Something Different, This Is What You'll Want To Prioritize When You Come To Lisbon, If All You Have Is 3 Days, Rome's Colosseum Could Be Returning To Its Former Glory With A Retractable Floor, These Modern-Day Drinks Were Actually Born Out Of Medieval Times (And Stuck Around), Here's Where Families Can Go To Make The Most Out Of A Trip To Japan, These Are The Best Store-Bought Desserts You Can Buy From Costco (That Are Worth It), The Christmas Tree Guide, Part II: Making A Tree Last (And Displaying It Properly). This massive building has countless rooms and alleys and at night it can be outright overwhelming for anyone to be walking through them. A man believed to have many arms and bulging eyes. What Can Do About It? She was locked inside and reported to have died of starvation. Background: Rabindra Sarobar is one of the busiest metro stations in South Kolkata. It is believed that the ghosts of the WWII soldiers haunt this place. According to legends, troops of Charlemagne set out on a mission to convert the inhabitants of this temple to Christianity but it ended in a bloody massacre. The Howrah Bridge is a landmark and historical location of West Bengal and is known all over the country for its grandiose beauty. However, lying underneath the charm and beauty there is also some uncomfortable eeriness at certain places here that chills the bone out of the people living there. The wilderness of this site has many tales to its name, making it one of the most haunted sites in Munich. The monastery is also known as one of the haunted sites in Germany. Based on popular folklore, this castle was a haven to a robber baron named Deitrich von Honhefels and his nine sons. Bally Bridge. This site now a museum, but was formerly a home for soldiers during the second world war. This site holds some of the historical remnants of the second world war. These Celebrity Kids Who Look Exactly Like Their Parents, Being Vidya Balan: A Tribute To A Priceless Gem Among The…, Looking For Some Engagement Ring Inspiration? It is, after all, a crematorium. Your Rating ... Don't know about their taxes and charges at present, if any, because we visited this place almost a year ago. Perhaps this is the most obvious choice in the list of haunted places in West Bengal. The place gives off an ominous aura and even people walking of Dow Hill have plenty of paranormal stories to chill your bones with; According to reports by the soldiers, some believed to have seen a Nazi soldier and a nurse covered in blood watching them sleep. As the desecration of sacred grounds never bears good fruits, so it was for the attack that took place here and led to the death of many pagan priests. You will be surprised to know, however, that the Howrah Bridge too is considered one of the most haunted places in West Bengal. A number of movies titled Frankenstein are based on this folklore. Home of the hysteria that led to the Salem Witch Trials, many sites in this spooky town are said to be haunted, including The Old Salem Jail and Salem State University. The name and the location of this place is almost perfect for a classic Bollywood horror film. Since then it has been said that his headless ghost haunts this castle. These Are Some Of The Best & Most Effective Home Remedies…, These Vitamin E Rich Foods Will Give You High Immunity &…, 20+ Kitchen Cleaning Tips To Make Your Cooking Space Look Spic…, You Need To Stop Using Your Phone On The Toilet, Check Out The Best Portable Chargers For Phone To Keep It…, How To Completely Destroy The Data On Your Computer Before Disposing…, Everything You Need To Know About Sony PS5 Features & Specifications, Best Portable Chargers For Laptop That Will Keep Your Work On…. near the borders of the crematorium at nights are said to shudder a little as

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