Once Gingka and co. returned to Metal Bey Citythey hear of a tournament called the Survival Battle, which takes place on an island with a total of 1000 bladers paricipating with the winner of the Survival Battle ges one wish made by the WBBA. He approached where the figure came from and was amazed at the site of the beyblade spinning "perfectly" with no wobble what-so-ever, out of the forest comes out the man Gingka saw earlier on TV named Teru. Gingka, Masamune, Tsubasa, Yu, Madoka, Dashan, Wells and Sophie all managed to get aboard the flying city, and face off against opponents, such as Julian Konzern, Jack, Damian, Dr. Ziggurat and the power source behind the entire city; Faust. Naming —Gingka to Kenta Yumiya, Pegasus Has Landed! Showing that a Blader's true strength comes from their Blader spirit. During Desert Blaze's match it turns out that this young man is non other then Julian Konzern, the leader of the European team who has actually come alone to face Team Desert Blaze. Gingka uses this battle to test Galaxy Pegasus' strength and easily defeats Masamune but suprizingly can't grasp Galaxy Pegasus' great power. Beyblade is a Japanese manga, and it was developed with the idea of promoting the trade of Beyblades spinning tops in Japan. He later appeared helping Kenta defeat a gang of bullies lead by Busigima and enchouges Sora to beat Busimja. Gingka then reveals to Kenta what makes a true Blader strong, saying it's not the attack power or stamina, it's the Beyblader's Heart. They challenge Gingka and Masamune to a tag battle. Each clash gives Proto Nemesis even more energy. Gingka and his friends refuse to let Ziggurat use beys a research tool to power a weapon. Gingka Hagane used four Beyblades throughout the anime: Storm Pegasus 105RF, Galaxy Pegasus W105R²F, Cosmic Pegasus F:D and Samurai Pegasus W105R2F. In the second round, Gingka faces Ryutaro Fukami, a Blader he had faced before, who he learns is a member of the Dark Nebula. His victory is celebrated amongst himself, his teammates and even Dashan and his team who've realized that they don't carry the legacy alone but along with there friends to start their very own legacy all thanks to Gingka. Hyoma starts off the battle dominating pegasus as the green hades' slippery sides are making Pegasus' speed slow and unbalanced. They all head to one large plateau which contains a beystadium at the top where Yu challenges Kyoya and Gingka to a battle. https://www.instagram.com/vg.sander/ Old video. Team GanGan Galaxy arrives in America excited to see the sites of the United States, but Masamune (who was supposed to show the group around) runs off in order to find his hospitalized friend, Toby. Shortly after his defeat to Ryuga, Gingka has nightmares about his battle again. Tobio's Sniper shot repels Pegasus with ease forcing Gingka to retreat for cover. Ryuga's "Forbidden Bey" defeats Gingka without any effort leaving Gingka and co. in a state of shock. But, with the help of his friends, Gingka envokes his Blader Spirit and battles back to overcome the odds and defeat Ryuga, but sacrifices his Beyblade in the process. Phoenix says men don't go back on their words, Gingka agrees and commands Pegasus to attack but misses and ends up being trapped. Their battle begins and Gingka worries as his attack don't work and is afraid that their battle may end up like it did at Beylin Temple, revealing that Gingka has figured out that he would have lost back then. Presenting the official music video "GINGA" from movie Pelé - a biopic on legendary footballer Pelé , in the voice of A.R. Top; Latest; Recently Commented; Editor; Upload; Skin Grabber; ginga from beyblades mbzplay. He sees a bey and tried to get Pegasus to battle. Argo Garcia refuses to let Gingka pass but he is momentarily able to stop him thanks to Kenta and Hikaru who stay behind to hold behind the enemy. BladerGingka's gangBattle Bladers ChampionNumber 1 Blader in the WorldLegendary Blader of AutumnTeam GanGan Galaxy Leader (formerly) Soon afterwards, Kenta arrived at the scene and showed some sadness toward Gingka, saying to him that this wasn't a bey battle and suggesting for him to run; but Gingka wasn't fazed, and he reassured Kenta that everything would be fine. Kyoya admits to Gingka that Gingka is the first opponent that he's actually enjoyed battling. The teams battle as Nile tries to take advantage of Gingka's weakness but is stopped by Kyoya's ferocious pride and battles Gingka instead while Masamune battles Nile. In the English dub, Gingka's voice has become much higher than it was during the first episode of the. Gingka and Co. watch the match between the American team and the European Union team and are shocked at what they see. Simply do online coloring for Beyblade Ginga Hagane Coloring Pages directly from your gadget, support for iPad, android tab or using our web feature. Gingka determined to get revenge decides to set out for a journey to find an ancient scroll said to be able to defeat L Drago. Gingka is soon overwelmed by Kyoya's new found powers and even outmatched in the skys as Leone leaps above Pegasus which has never been acomplished before.Gingka refuses to give up as this could decide the fate of his team and battles on. Gingka is then surprised at the site that Kyoya has arrived and said that he will be the only one to defeat Gingka which encourages Gingka to raise his spirit and say that he will win. https://strongestbeyblades.fandom.com/wiki/Gingka?oldid=4167. With Nemesis' Shadow Beast, it may seem to be the end of Gingka, Pegasus, and the fate of humanity. With Zeo's "arrangement" he is far too powerful for Masamune and defeats him, dashing GanGan Galaxy's hopes for two consecutive wins. Gingka seems to have the upper hand most of the match not impressed by Dashan until he reveals that Zurafa has sustained no damage from Gingka's Pegasus who is loosing energy. Gingka states that he made a solemn promise that he will make it to battle Bladers. They also encounter Tsubasa Otori a blader who used to be about pride with his eagle who has no flown into the darkness by affiliating the Dark Nebula suprising Gingka and co., They storm the Dark Nebula headquarters and are awaited by Yu and Tsubasa. Gingka and Masamune retake the field as the teams decide to have one final deciding Tag Team Match. One day the all appear to have battles on that same day suprisingly. They are met by Faust and Dr. Ziggurat who show the immense abilities of Twisted Tempo, the bey powering the spiral force. It is meant to represent the wings of Pegasus. Benkei challenges him to a battle and is suprisingly defeated; Gingka then challenges him to a battle and gets revenge for his friend Benkei's defeat and does so by defeating Tetsuya and his new beyblade. He explains that he's driving forward with everything he has and wherever he ends up will be his future. Beyblade Child's Gingka Costume - One Color - Medium Beyblade Gingka costume is available in sizes small, medium, large Features foam headpiece with headband Includes jumpsuit with attached scarf and gloves Officially licensed costume Rubies brings fun to dress-up with costumes and accessories kids play with all year long Later, Gingka and Kyoya are in a BeyStadium, with their friends there as well. Gingka and Phoenix begin as Pegasus and Firebaze's powers seem even. Tsubasa then realizes that he has picked up his friends moves and improved his own strength. Yu tells Gingka that Libra isn't just balance and stamina that he also has attack and repels Pegasus. Which forms a tornado falling towards Gingka's Pegasus but then counters with his special move Storm Bringer causing Tobio's Capricorn to fall slowly to the arena and knocked out of the arena by Gingka and defeat. Age Gingka takes on the Cyclone master, Ian GarciaAdded by Desboy96After seeing Yu and Masamune defeated by Enzo and Selen respectively, Gingka jumps in and launches his Pegasus into the stadium. Julian easily defeats Gasur shocking Gingka and the others and goes on to battle Karte and Zidane in a 2 on 1 to reveal an even bigger surprise. Yu taunts Gingka questioning if its already over but Gingka is determined as always and commands Pegasus with a move Starblast Attack but Yu says that the move will not work on him as it didn't in their first encounter and used a move Sonic Shield repelling Pegasus, but a determined Gingka uses a new move Tornado Wing in order to attack Libra but fails as Libra's power is stronger. Tobio uses a technique known as Sniper Shot allowing his Storm Capricorn to go through small places and attack pegasus and hide for cover in a quick seconds. Gingka manages to use Final Drive mode and Cosmic Tornado to counter Hammer Bolt and wins the battle. But before they can counterattack, Spiral Force is used to float Hades City so Gingka and his friends have to race towards it. With the world watching, Gingka charges his Beyspirit to its max and unleashes all his power upon Damian. Doji and his A.I system Merci have prepared a plan to stop them, but they still succeed in passing by all of Doji's tasks and challenges including taking down Dan and Reiki Sodo. Gingka and the gang enter the Gateway to Success Tag-Team Tournament with Team Wang Hu Zhong. Team GanGan Galaxy heads to Brazil where Tsubasa takes them to the stadium leaving Gingka and Co in confusion. This is an article about the Anime Character. Gingka and co. manage to break through by combining there special moves. Not Soon after the devious Tetsuya in attempts to steal Gingka's beypoints disguises himself as a world famous top researcher named Nigel Crabcakes, not knowing anything Gingka and Madoka let him see his beypointer and launcher. All the kids there got so excited that a strong Blader like Gingka had challenged them to a Beyblade match. Gingka makes an appearance in the Shogun Steel anime, during Zyro's flashback, where he is seen handing a younger Zyro his future beyblade, Samurai Ifraid. Gingka and the others watch as Kyoya's team dominates the Indian representatives with Kyoya's new found powers. Though Ryuga is deceased, Gingka knows that Ryuga gave it his all for Gingka and he couldn't have done it any other way. Gingka goes up to him and the kid tells someone stole his bey. Doji accepts the challenge in order to stall for time. Gingka and his friends prosper quickly and are ready for the final exercise, another two on two battle. This relates to the continuing theme of celestial objects used throughout the, It is also a slang term for a "red-haired person.". Gingka calls out his special move, Storm Bringer, and Pegasus knocks Pisces out of the stadium. The two finnaly relise how to work as a team and break through the teams defence only to be cut down by Julian's incredible strength. Tsubasa then states his story of how he was saved by Phoenix and told that he could not defeat Ryuga in the state he is now and that the only one who can at the moment is Gingka. Gingka and co soon enough enter a tournament that makes the winner get 10,000 Bey Points. Gingka and Kyoya later, decide to have a battle as they bring out their Beys, Cosmic Pegasus and Fang Leone, respectively. Yuki plots to defeat Aguma once and for all and to have nothing stand in his way. Teru then told of the day he was inspired by Gingka and his Pegasus' were bursting teamwork and that he had bursted with a new hope and was gifted with a beyblade Earth Virgo his prima ballerina but Gingka states that he will not lose and he will achieve his goal. The next day, Gingka's father tests both the new Beyblades to find that they have evolved due to a Star Fragment enchanting their Beyblades. When Bader DJ announces that Gingka was defeated everyone is suprised at the site and then asks one question; What will Yu's wish be? During their battle, Gingka discovers that Kyoya and his Leone have become even stronger than ever before. His friends are as well, as they reconcile with one another. Gingka and the others arrive back in Japan to view the results of one of the most popular matches in Japan between Kyoya's Team Wild Fang and India's Team Chandora. The A-Block Finals begin and on the teams way to the stadium they run into a face that is all too familiar. One day the all appear to have battles on that same day surprisingly. Gingka takes on the Cyclone master, Ian Garcia. The third round match begins with Masamune battling Nile to Masamune almost being tottally dominated to where Gingka has to encourage Masamune to go on and fight to no avail as he's defeated by Nile's superior strength. But not even close as Damian's Kerbecs is not even effected by Gingka's beyspirit. Gingka in attempt to win finally attempts at controlling his new special move Storm Bringer allowing Virgo to have a weak opening below allowing Gingka to knock it out of the stadium and victory. A new Star Fragmentsimilar to the one that created Pegasus and L-Drago exploded and spread out ten beams of light that fell on Earth, hitting and enchanting ten destined Beyblades. The series is a spin-off of the original Beyblade manga series written by Takao Aoki. "That's what makes the Blader's Spirit!". Beys aren't spun by history but the spirit of the blader, the spirit that lives in our hearts! Gingka says its no big deal if he misses the tournament and challenges Tsubasa to a beybattle. Gingka is surprised at how Dynamis has turned over to aid Nemesis and cannot believe his eyes. Gingka is nice, calm, sometimes hyper, and will do whatever it takes to battle with his Bey; Pegasus, and protect his friends, as well as save the world from danger. Gingka and co. make it toward the Dark Nebula Castle with aid from Kyoya. Gingka sees that his selected opponent for the first round was his opponent for the finals of the Survival Tournament Yu Tendo. Phoenix states that this is the for Gingka and commands his special move Burning Fire Strike. Masamune reminds Gingka that Faust is actually Toby while Dr. Ziggurat reveals the Spiral Force's destructive power. They watch in anticipation of who there next opponents will be in the A-Block Finals. He wears a blue headband with a design of the mythical creature, Pegasus, on it, but it has only one wing, whereas his father's headband had two wings on it. Now GanGan Galaxy must face Team Excalibur in the A-Block Finals. He then fought a giant Beyblade and won by causing it to lose its balance the host said for his price a strong oppontent will defeat him using the data they collected on him. Ryuto realizes that he had fought and lost to the No.1 Blader and agreed to help the group through the maze. Showing that a blader's true strength comes from their Blader Spirit. Phoenix states that this is the for Gingka and commands his special move Burning Fire Strike. Yu uses a move Sonic Wave to shoot out supersonic waves from its vibrations at Pegasus who manages to dodge a couple but leaps into the air. Sora is a very impulsive and hyper beyblader who strives to fit in and make friends like Ginga. Kyoya then notices that leone is being damaged so Kyoya forfeits the battle in order to save his leone leaving only Gingka and Yu. Tsubasa then fights Argo and defeats him but causes his Earth Eagle's fusion wheel to scratch up. After the battle Madoka states that if something were to happen to Pegasus it would have been all Gingka's fault and demands Gingka to apologize to Pegasus. Gingka then uses the help from Kyoya to repel Eagle while Hyoma and Kenta make their pretense known as they attack Yu's Libra with their combined strength they repel Libra but that leads Tsubasa and Yu to devise a plan to take out all beys not Pegasus quickly. Fireblaze is repelled and is falling down to defeat until it begins bouncing off the structure landing it back where it was, Phoenix commands Fireblaze to create its fire stating that it melts everything and is correct as the that part of the metal beam is melting. His skyscraper of a beyblade is able to dominate Pegasis by using its 230 height track. (Aug. 04, 2010 5:51 PM) galaxy genesis Wrote: I reckon at the end of the day both Bladers have risen to be very good however Ginga owns a metal fusion beyblade and In my opinion is a step up from tyson's hms dragoon metal storm. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. 12 (Metal Fusion)13 (Metal Masters)14 (Metal Fury)21 (Shogun Steel) Ending the Lightning L-Drago 100HF's corruption of Ryuga and the Dark Nebula organization, destroying the Spiral Core powered by Faust and Twisted Tempo 145WD in Hades City, and most recently, defeating the God of Destruction, Nemesis after its rebirth and as a result, saved mankind for the greater good.

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