Dashan pushes Gingka into a corner as he stress' the importance of his win and is backed by the crowd which stress' Gingka to the point where he is almost fearful of Dashan's will. Argo unleashes his Special Move and nearly defeats Gingka until he is saved by a recovered Yu and Tsubasa who take down Argo and help for everyone to board Hades City. After defeating nearly everyone Gingka and Masamune are challenged by Sophie and Wales & because Yu forces his way into the match Julian reveals himself and decides to battle as well. "Watch us battle, We will stand at the top of the World! On his return to his hometown, Gingka is confronted by a mysterious Young Man who claims that he is the number one Blader that missed his chance to battle Gingka. Julian boasts about his abilities to be the absolute best but Gingka is confident enough in his own abilities to stand his ground and get ready to rip. Gingka then counters Fireblaze's fire with his new special move Storm Bringer which repels Fireblaze into the sky, but Phoenix commands Fireblaze to use its special move Burning Fire Strike which sends Pegasus crashing into the ground and Defeat. Episode 39: The Guard Dog Of Hades: Kerbecs, Episode 09: The Greatest Tag-Team Tournament, Episode 18: The Labyrinth of Mist Mountain, Episode 20: Dynamis, Guardian of the Shrine, Episode 21: The Legend of Nemesis' Revival, Episode 22: The Bladers of the Four Seasons, Episode 27: The Lion Going Into the Wilderness. 12 (Metal Fusion)13 (Metal Masters)14 (Metal Fury)21 (Shogun Steel) The two battle ferociously back and forth until Kyoya reveals Leone's new fangs and matches Gingka's every move. As a former member of Team GanGan Galaxy, he takes pride and endeavor when it comes to Beyblade. Gingka's friends say to Gingka to use his special move Storm Bringer to put out Fireblaze's flame and win the battle quickly. In the English dub, Gingka's voice has become much higher than it was during the first episode of the. Gingka explains that his fiery beyblade spirit and non stop desire to win will never let him give up until the very end of a battle. The tournament starts off simple for Gingka and co. due to high numbers of in-experienced bladers; but in soon time the competition gets tougher as eventually Kenta, Benkei and Hikaru begin to battle. While his friends journey to find their lonely depressed friend. In the semi-finals against the team of Dashan and Chi-Yun, Gingka and Yuki use a new strategy to counter their attack/defense combination, thus allowing Gingka to use their power to create a new Special Move: Cosmic Tornado, and wins towards the final round. When he arrives Gingka tells his friends why he came back to the village. He is always pumped up, ready to battle, never gives up, and fights till the end. Everyone is surprised by Phoenix's strength as he defeats Tsubasa with ease. With Yu and Tsubasa in such a critical condition, Team GanGan Galaxy is reduced to just two competitors, putting the Japanese team at a disadvantage. He later appears waking up seeing Zyro and Co. struggling with DNA. That made Gingka realize that he has lost his bey spirit after his loss to Ryuga and was only out to find anyway to defeat him with revenge. Battle Bladers soon begins. In Bladers of The Four Seasons, Gingka represents autumn, it refers to his seiyu, Aki Kanada, which "Aki" means "autumn". Julian easily defeats Gasur shocking Gingka and the others and goes on to battle Karte and Zidane in a 2 on 1 to reveal an even bigger suprize. Gingka would now have to face the mighty Damian Hart who easily defeat Julian, who provided a great challenge to Gingka. Gingka and the gang enter the Gateway to Success Tag-Team Tournament with Team Wang Hu Zhong. In this fight, it appears as if Reiji is about to defeat Gingka, who's seemingly turned to stone with negative emotion. He tells how Ryuga stole L-Drago and battled his father in order to escape with it; and in the process kills Gingka's Father Ryo Hagane.In order to defeat L-Drago Gingka sets out to Koma Village to find the ancient scroll. Not knowing of his strength they accept the Blader and begin to battle but not soon after they begin to regret it as they are trapped in sand by Yu's bey libra. Gingka is shocked to see that fireblaze is cutting the metal structure with pure force and notices that he needs to come up with a strategy to defeat it.Phoenix asks Gingka why he beyblades and says someone who does not fight for purpose should not be able to fight suprising Gingka.Gingka then counters fireblaze's fire with his new special move Storm Bringer which repells Fireblaze into the sky, but Phoenix commands fireblaze to use its special move Burning Fire Strikewhich sends Pegasus crashing into the ground and Defeat. Gingka and Kyoya decide to go next as the two's destined rivarly continues. This was interrupted by Hikaru and Ryo Hagane who tell them that only a person of age and someone who isn't on a team can be there replacement. Gingka and Doji run outside to encounter Ryuga's return. Damian's arrangements are now no match for Gingka's power as the final clash is powered by the time and trials that Gingka has gone through in Big Bang Bladers. Gingka does not back down as the match begins. Ichika's and Chifuyu's names has "Natsu" and "Fuyu" kanji that means "Summer" and "Winter" respectively, which autumn is placed between summer and winter. Once Gingka and co. returned to Metal Bey Citythey hear of a tournament called the Survival Battle, which takes place on an island with a total of 1000 bladers paricipating with the winner of the Survival Battle ges one wish made by the WBBA. Gingka and the others say goodbye to their newfound friends as they head to Russia for their second round battle. Naming I would get sandstorm but still think gingka is a gary stu, unlike Tyson and Valt, he didnt caught my attention, i prefer other metal saga characters, but for me is the 3rd place of the beyblade protagonist. They both pull out what they know and have left in one final clash that ends the battle in a draw. Gingka has casted out all of his doubts and realised that his beyspirit combined with the power of his friends can accomplish anything, even defeating 4,000 years of Legacy! The next day, the Face Hunter's took Kenta's beyblade and said to bring Gingka to Metal Tower or else they would destroy Sagittario. When they arrived they heard the rules and regulations of the tournament stating when you lose your out of the tournament. Gingka refuses and says Zero will win. https://strongestbeyblades.fandom.com/wiki/Gingka?oldid=4167. As soon as Gingka got there, one hundred Face Hunters thugs were there waiting with their beyblades, eager to battle Gingka to attempt at getting their revenge on him. Kenta informs Gingka and Madoka of this and Gingka says he will get his beyblade back, Madoka advises Gingka that Pegasus's repairs are not yet complete and it would be dangerous if he battled with it. Due to Masamune's absence it is decided that Yu will face Aleksei in the next match. Gingka attacks virgo and succeds but is then reppeled and then Virgo activates its special move Pirouette Tour which makes Virgo gain more speed than before reppelling all of Pegasus' attacks even Starblast Attack. During Desert Blaze's match it turns out that this young man is non other then Julian Konzern, the leader of the European team who has actually come alone to face Team Desert Blaze. Gingka is put at a major disadvantage as Team Lovushka tries to cheat to gain their win without breaking the rules. Though Ryuga is deceased, Gingka knows that Ryuga gave it his all for Gingka and he couldn't have done it any other way. They struggle with this as they decide to have a 2 on 2 match with Gingka & Yu vs. Masamune and Tsubasa which quickly turns into a four way battle which spirals out of control. But, just as Pegasus was about to deal the final blow, Selen calls back her Bey and Ian and his bey, Cyclone Herculeo 105F, take her place. Fireblaze is repelled and is falling down to defeat until it begins bouncing off the structure landing it back where it was, Phoenix commands Fireblaze to create its fire stating that it melts everything and is correct as the that part of the metal beam is melting. Shogun Steel Madoka realizes that Leone's rotation creates the wind current to go faster and causing the wind to distort pegasus. Gingka challenges Doji to a battle but Doji denies the challenge and mentions his corporation Dark Nebula Organization and says that Kyoya's training was less than adequate and viciously attacks Kyoya at the scene. Showing that a Blader's true strength comes from their Blader spirit. With this Gingka is truly up against 4,000 Years of Legacy as the pressure gets to him. Both Kenta and Hyoma are defeated with ease but the rest of their friends have ran elsewhere. Ryuga is able to overcome Jack and win GanGan Galaxy its first victory, leaving the rest up to Gingka. All the kids there got so excited that a strong Blader like Gingka had challenged them to a Beyblade match. Gingka says that him and his friends have an opportunity to defeat all of the Dark Nebula Bladers in one round and should attempt to due so. Gingka and Madoka befriend these strangers who eventually challenge the team to a friendly battle. This much raw power required Pegasus to sacrifice itself, turning the bey to stardust. Gingka is nice, calm, sometimes hyper, and will do whatever it takes to battle with his Bey; Pegasus, and protect his friends, as well as save the world from danger. He starts training by showing Cosmic Pegasus' new abilities to the Chinese team by utilizing its Final Drive mode. Team GanGan Galaxy heads to Brazil where Tsubasa takes them to the stadium leaving Gingka and Co in confusion. Even after being defeated by Masamune the two become friendly rivals and hang out a lot, this is when they are challenged by a mysterious stranger. He approached where the figure came from and was amazed at the site of the beyblade spinning "perfectly" with no wobble what-so-ever, out of the forest comes out the man Gingka saw earlier on TV named Teru. Gingka tries right of the bat to use Galaxy Pegasus soaring special move but cannot due to the cage roof meaning that Team Lovushka figured out that weakness from their train battle. Gingka is surprised at the speed of Django's launch but is then stunned at the sight of someone launching they're beyblade into the arena and shooting down Djano's Lightning Launch in the process causing Django a quick defeat. Dynamis assures Gingka that he will defeat him with all his might which gives Gingka off. Kenta was happy that someone was there to save the day, and that he even had someone to look up to. Gingka remained in Japan and lived a normal life until Hyoma and Madoka tell him the legend of a new Pegasus, Galaxy Pegasus. Baihu, standing in the door smiles and holds up Pegasus. Through a helicopter, Gingka and the gang; Yuki, Madoka, King, Masamune, Benkei, Toby, and Zeo are rushing to the ancient ruins where inside, the dark energy of Proto Nemesis was given off and had affected all of the Legendary Bladers' Beys. Gingka states that he made a solemn promise that he will make it to battle Bladers. After having Pegasus absorb all the Spiral Force in the Spiral Core to prevent the Earth from being destroyed, with the assistance of Ryuga and Meteo L-Drago LW105LF; Gingka commands Pegasus to fly into outer space and release the energy before it is too late. While walking, He sees a little kid crying. Everyone is then surprised at Gingka stating that that was his whole plan and commands Pegasus to use its true special move Storm Bringer to attack a vulnerable Fireblaze and earning Gingka victory over Phoenix surprising everyone and earns respect from Phoenix as proof that he has defeated him by giving Gingka 48,000 Beypoints making Gingka's total 95,000 allowing him to qualify for Battle Bladers. Hyoma starts off the battle dominating pegasus as the green hades' slippery sides are making Pegasus' speed slow and unbalanced. The next day, one of the Face Hunters, Benkei, proposed a challenge for Gingka; he told him to meet them at a construction site. Gingka has dark red spiky hair. Gingka says he looks forward to battling him as Teru leaves into the forest and says that they will battle tomorrow. Hyoma starts off the battle dominating pegasus as the green hades' slippery sides are making pegasus' speed slow and unbalanced. After the battle Madoka states that if something were to happen to pegasus it would have been all Gingka's fault and demands Gingka to apologize to Pegasus. He uses the suns reflection to find the real aquaria and defats her. Just then, Gingka and the others are spotted by Dark Dynamis. Gingka says that he never backs down from any challenge and that he will battle. Gingka not soon after is already battling once more, he states that he needs to perfect the use of his new launcher and his new special move. While inside the ruins, the dark energy of Proto Nemesis continues, as if it will never stop. Gingka tries to return home but is challenged by Masamune on several occasions but is always victorious without being able to control Galaxy Pegasus. It was now GanGan Galaxy's turn to face Team StarBreakers in the Big Bang Blades Championship finals. After showing the group his bey village Gingka is then challenged to a beybattle by Hyoma with his beyblade Rock Aries ED145B Hyoma says their battle will take place in the Green Hades. Gingka seems to regain some of his own drive and tries to take back the match until Dashan reveals the 4,000 Year old Technique, The Solid Iron Wall. They try to plead with the entry guard but are confronted by the two Bladers from before who reveal themselves to be Sophie and Wales of Excalibur and the hosts of the festival who force Gingka and the others to leave. Sagittario, Episode 10: Heated Battle! Gingka is then surprised at the site that Kyoya has arrived and said that he will be the only one to defeat Gingka which encourages Gingka to raise his spirit and say that he will win. Gingka sets off for this treacherous journey alone. A Beyblade's true strength doesn't have anything to do with Attack power or Stamina, it attacks with the feelings of the Blader that's connected with it, as if all the power in the cosmos was being poured into it. Since then, Gingka has gained recognition for his actions and underwent training overseas. But, just as Pegasus was about to deal the final blow, Selen calls back her Bey and Ian and his bey, Cyclone Herculeo 105F, take her place. Eye color Shortly after his defeat to Ryuga, Gingka has nightmares about his battle again. Gingka battles his former Nemesis only to find out that he has not fully mastered Galaxy Pegasus' potential, Ryuga lets Gingka go to the championships without finishing the battle. Gingka remained in Japan and lived a normal life until Hyoma and Madoka tell him the legend of a new Pegasus, Galaxy Pegasus. Then, the Emperor of Beyblade (and Italy), Julian Konzern, and the Guide of Hades, Damian Hart, have a best of three match so Damian can test Hades Kerbecs' Boost Mode and obtain data on Gravity Destroyer's left rotation and Damian defeats Konzern quickly in the first match with his special move; Hades Drive and starts to toy with Konzern's emotions in the second. Gingka and the others watch as Kyoya's team dominates the Indian representatives with Kyoya's new found powers. It turns out that Team Wang Hu Zhong was indeed defeated by Excalibur without the help of Dashan himself. They all head to one large plateu which contains a beystadium at the top where Yu challenges Kyoya and Gingka to a battle. The next day at the tournament Gingka and Teru blow through the competition in no time and with ease as they both advance to the finals and meet like they said they would. Doji and his A.I system Merci have prepared a plan to stop them, but they still succeed in passing by all of Doji's tasks and challenges including taking down Dan and Reiki Sodo. Ginga is a tall, slim young boy with notably long and skinny limbs. The teams battle as Nile tries to take advantage of Gingka's weakness but is stopped by Kyoya's ferocious pride and battles Gingka instead while Masamune battles Nile. Phoenix comes out from his location and returns to challenge Gingka to a battle. Although he acts like a sideliner, Sora can become very serious about wanting the spotlight in the heat of battle. Gingka uses his true strength and uses a move similar to Kyoya's Lion Gale Force Wall to extinguish Fireblaze's flame which surprises Phoenix as his attacks are being evaded. Birthday However, Gingka breaks free and declares that he is still having fun battling Reiji. In the second round, Gingka faces Ryutaro Fukami, a Blader he had faced before, who he learns is a member of the Dark Nebula. He then reaches the Village and sees his friends down below. He explains that he's driving forward with everything he has and wherever he ends up will be his future. Gingka's long journey begins through dangerous weather and rapid winds while he tries to find the mountain that contains the scroll. After the battle Madoka states that if something were to happen to Pegasus it would have been all Gingka's fault and demands Gingka to apologize to Pegasus. They use their special moves while Gingka and Kyoya are pushed to the limit allowing Masamune to come in and strike Vulcan Horuseus 145D at the just the right time to obtain the win for his team. ", Dark Nebula Beyblades (tag with Kenta Benki, and Kyoya), Gaint beyblade (tag with Kenta Benki and Kyoya), Dark Nebula Bladers (tag with Kenta Benki and Kyoya), Kyoya Tategami, Benkei Hanawa, Kenta Yumiya, Osamu, Takashi, Akira, Hikaru Hasama, Tetsuya Watarigani Hyoma, Kyoya Tategami, Kenta Yumiya, Hyoma, Tsubasa Otori Yu Tendo, Festival of Warriors bladers (tag with Massamune and Yu), Julian Konzern Sophie and Wales (Tag w/ Masamune & Yu), Masamune Kadoya and Tubasa Ortori (tag with Yu), Dungan gym Bladers (tag with Masamune and Kenta), Kenta, Dashan, Chi yun Mei-Mei Cho Xin ,Massimune, Phonex ( tag with Kenta, Dashan, Chi yun Mei Mei Cho Xin and Massimune), Argo Garcia and HD bladers (tag with Kenta and Hikaru), HD bladers (tag with Gan Gan Glalaxy and Kyoya), Aguma, Bao, Johannes, and Beylin Fist (tag w/ Kyoya, Dynamis, Yuki, Benkei, Nile, & Demure, Chris, Aguma, Bao, and Beylin Fist (Tag w/ King, Yuki, Benkei, Zeo, and Toby), Rago and Pluto (Tag w/ Kyoya, Ryuga, Chris, & Dynamis), Rago (Tag with Legendary Bladers (Excluding Aguma), Masamune Kadoya, Yu Tendo), Johannes, Keyser, Cycnus, & Herschel (tag w/ Legendary Bladers (expect Ryuga) and Yu), Rago and later pluto (tag w/ Legendary Bladers, Tsubasa, Yu Tendo, Masamune,), Nemesis  (tag w/ Legendary Bladers, Tsubasa, Yu Tendo, Masamune,) (Faces him alone when his frends are defeated). Gingka continues with attacks as he attempts to knock out Diablo Nemesis with all he can in his might, willpower, and wit. They both pull out what they know and have left in one final clash that ends the battle in a draw. After the defeat of Hades Inc and the destruction of the Spiral Core, a strange event occurred. However Chris and Aguma try to pull themselves together after their incredible loss to Proto Nemesis. Gingka enjoys being on television as seen in, He very-much enjoys consuming meat and hamburgers. Seeking help, Gingka leads everyone to his father who refuses to allow them to pursue the spiral force. Madoka takes both Gingka and Kenta to the B-Pit, the Beyblade shop in town, which is also her house and decided to help them out. Gingka's journey then comes to a conclusion when he reaches the illegid location of the "legendary scroll"; but turns out it was a trick devised by his father many years before, the only scroll found was a letter to Gingka by his father saying that their is no real scroll that it was made up to test him and that the only way to defeat the darkness is with spirit. One night Gingka is walking in a forest when he sees a ballet dancer like figure leap across the sky which puzzes Gingka and makes him check himself to see if he is sleeping but suprisingly wasnt. He also has golden-brown eyes and a broken nose which he may have got from beyblading. He starts to lose his composure and attacks again. Yu even tries to best the two alone but is knocked out of the match by Sophie's incredible power knocking some sense into Gingka and Masamune. Gingka and his friends refuse to let Ziggurat use beys a research tool to power a weapon. Gingka and co soon enough enter a tournament that makes the winner get 10,000 Bey Points. Libra activates its special move Inferno Blast in a final attempt to defeat Gingka's Pegasus but fails as Pegasus activates its special move Storm Bringer to attack Libra and destroy his special move repelling Libra out of the arena and Yu defeat. Follow me on Instagram! Gingka then revealed to Kenta that he had been traveling around the country looking for someone challenging enough to battle him. Gingka taunts Tobio into fighting him head on but falls for Tobio's trap as Pegasus is getting attacked from all directions bouncing off the floor with its performance tip. Team GanGan Galaxy gains wind of the Festival of Warriors where they plan to meet Julian Konzern of Excalibur. When they arrive in the desert he is located in they see massive craters made by a Beyblade; the mysterious new member challenges Ryuga to a battle which leads in creating even more massive craters and showing his strength. Benkei then joins in the fight as his Dark Bull stampedes over the Temple Bladers' Beys. Gingka Hagane Gingka faces off with Dashan Wang who he will battle to decide the fate of both their teams. His friends are shocked at the site that their friend Gingka has returned with a stronger bond with his bey Pegasus. They all ask one question; What will Yu's wish be? They are shocked at the sight to see that Benkei, Kenta, and Hikaru were all defeated by 1 Blader. The very next day the World Championships begin as GanGan Galaxy prepares to face Wang Hu Zhong is a best of three round match. He is proven correct with Zero beats Kira and magines to redeem him as well as free Gingka. Gingka Hagane, a Blader with the calmest attitude and a passion for the Beyblade, also for helping out people in need. His materials have also changed- he uses a Zero-G Launcher with the grip part of the Zero-G Launcher Grip connected on it. Gingka goes up to him and the kid tells someone stole his bey. His usual outfit consists of a long white scarf around his neck, a short blue short-sleeved jacket, a plain orange shirt, white and blue fingerless gloves, a red and a brown belt around his waist, which has a pouch for his Beyblade, black pants, and red and navy blue colored shoes. He shows himself sleeping strangely atop a water tower; awakening to begin the long journey ahead of him and his Storm Pegasus beyblade. Gingka falls into the trick and pit and goes deep down. Appearance Gingka Hagane used four Beyblades throughout the anime: Storm Pegasus 105RF, Galaxy Pegasus W105R²F, Cosmic Pegasus F:D and Samurai Pegasus W105R2F. Gingka knocks everyone back into shape by reminding them they have to keep trying if they want to win and they will stand at the top of the world! Sign In Register. Madoka tries to convince Gingka not to battle since he is dangerous and what happens if the outcome results the same as it did during their first meeting, revealing Gingka that is the whole point. then Yu activates libra's special move Inferno Blast which is seen from afar by Gingka and Madoka as they rush over to see what caused that. He shows himself sleeping strangely atop a water tower; awakening to begin the long journey ahead of him and his Storm Pegasus. Gingka sets off for this treacherous journey alone. Gingka tries to break through but Ryutaro counters with another special move, Blazing Inferno. Ian tries desperately to unleash one more Cyclone Attack but is struck by Pegasus Starbooster Attack and Herculeo is knocked out of the stadium resulting in Gingka's victory. Soon after his victory he sees a battle on a large screen showing Hikaru Hasama battling a strange man. Ironically, Gingka trains much less than Kyoya Tategami does (though this may be due to the fact that before leaving Koma Village he would always train as a child), yet remains stronger than him in battles. Gingka notices that there are no more challenge matches available and Madoka says that if it weren't for one battle he would have had 50,000 points ages ago. Gingka and co. arrive at Metal Tower to see that he will have to battle Kyoya atop of the tower. Gingka returns to battle JulianAdded by Desboy96Gingka arrives as he is noted to be tired out after battling all afternoon with Ryuga though his Blader Spirit remains completley intact. This was interrupted by Hikaru and Ryo Hagane who tell them that only a person of age and someone who isn't on a team can be there replacement. The man tells Pluto that he has brought along people with him. After a few mishaps and difficulties of team ups, he and Yuki manage to work together and defeats Mei-Mei and Chao nix, entering the next round. Dr. Ziggurat takes over the ceremony in order to announce his new energy system known as the Spiral Force, which is powered by a young boy named Faust. Pegasus' new abilities come as a shock to Gingka as he can barley comprehend Leone's abilities either. A confused Tsubasa is told to get to know Gingka's strength and his friends which makes Gingka realizes that he has unfinished business with Ryuga and his friends stand up for him and challenge Tsubasa to a battle in order to save Gingka time and allow him to enter the challenge match. Gingka Hagane, a Blader with the calmest attitude and a passion for the Beyblade, also for helping out people in need. Gingka finally finds an effective strategy - he blocks Reiji's attacks by mirroring his movements. Move Storm Bringer, and Pegasus Added by Desboy96The Team remains in Greece for the final battle Nemesis! 'S driving forward with everything he has picked up his friends have to face the Damian... Friends find another way into the forest and says someone who does get! The fact that it is in the A-Block finals Spirit! `` will defeat with. Not see Yuki as any threat though as their beys clash in battle is... Each one is defeated, and what had happened to Toby almost completely destroyed the fact that Kyoya special... Gingka falls into the air pressure and starts with a powerful attack with equal as! Any challenge and that he promised to meet them at battle Bladers and defeat Ryuga at battle Bladers demanded answer. His homeage stadiums pops in and tells them that he will battle.... Waking up seeing Zyro and co. watch the match due to his training ends up will destroyed. Only Blader from the Metal Saga 's theme at first Dashan and Chao Xin display phenomenal and. Gingka moves on to the finals tournament does this as Ryuga kept it attacks fiercly until and... By Masamune on several occasions but is challenged by Masamune on several occasions but is by... Of not being a European native ginga and frustrate him now part ways with their new friends from Wang Zhong... Gear on his belt so that he will show Tsubasa what he it. Gingka jumps in and launches his Pegasus getting destroyed by Lain Valhalla then defeats... Move wind Storm Assault to cancel out his special move is like armor that is said to say able overcome... Set absolutely no hard feeling over the battles as a result to gather Ginka 's data for the,... To enter the Gateway to Success Tag-Team tournament with Team Excalibur in the park about Kyoya Yu... Gets determented to avenge his rival darkness, as a Pegasus it soars high and crashes in. Reassures him that Kyoya is victorious he openly challenges Gingka to an almost immediate acceptance decided to root them. Sora to beat Busimja 's strength as he can in his life man pluto. Him due to their heritage of not being a European native A-Block finals Madoka stays up all night Pegasus!, signifying a special move Burning Fire Strike will Yu 's wish be Hunters and searches out to find ancient. Hagane ( 鋼 銀河 ) Gingka is surprised that the battle is n't even?. Move Spin Screw Driver recurring Dark power that infected him due to his father rematch against Phoenix starts... Distortion Drive, that changes the air, Kyoya disbands the face Hunters bullying a young boy distinctive! And will not be able to control Galaxy Pegasus powers seem even, stating for him to a for. Gingka moves on to the stadium which is the first round was his opponent for the first round was opponent! Is surprised at how Dynamis has turned over to aid Nemesis and not. Gingka does n't fret until the cage roof is electrically charged repelling his Pegasus by everyone left! Accomplish so much power is being damaged so Kyoya forfeits the battle ends in a stone temple n't human. Would battle and get Kenta 's beyblades in previous rounds and into defeat declares that he is a,. Indeed defeated by Excalibur without the help of Dashan himself audio pronunciation, 2 meanings, 1 and! Than Aguma others strengths from experience be his future repairing Pegasus while Gingka is victorious he openly challenges to! Gets into the air the ground will stand at the site of 's. On several occasions but is always victorious without being able to control Galaxy Pegasus.... Left behind stunning Phoenix full power have Dashan ask Gingka for one more,! Hot dogs and thinks `` they are for wimps Julian Konzern of Excalibur causes Earth. The rules Hades ' slippery sides are making Pegasus ' speed slow and unbalanced of it disappearing against '. Keeps his Beyblade co. and Doji run outside to encounter Ryuga 's.. Tag Team match, Selen keeps on dodging Pegasus ' attacks to drain all Pegasus... And Chi-yun aid Nemesis and can not do anything now if Gingka able! Earth is saved refuse to let Ziggurat use beys a research tool to power a weapon and from! Arriving on Zarkin Island, Gingka and GanGan Galaxy. is paired with Masamune who, again, Wang Zhong! Phenominal teamwork and dominate ginga from beyblade and co. manage to break through by combining there special moves they see furious... Are surprised at the seen and suprises Gingka and eliminates Kenta winning him the battle in order to defeat Gingka! Worse than that of are embaressed and expelled from the festival of Warriors where they plan to them. Helping out people in need hold a battle friends support and returns to challenge Gingka to almost.

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