This fly has great movement in the water and works well for cruising fish or tailing fish. Fly fishing is about growth. Over the years I have had some big gator trout slam this fly as well. The result is a fly that pushes lots of water, lands soft, and is guaranteed to end up in a Redfish’s mouth. These patters offer a solid profile and tied with the right materials and weight move beautifully throught the water. Redfish Crack, by Capt. The Seaducer fly ingredients are listed both in the description on the YouTube site, as well as below here. Some quick online research will show you hundreds of Crab patterns available. Colors: Tan/Brown/Gold. Simply one of the best flood tide tailing redfish patterns around and also works for bonefish, and permit. "Keep your heart right and your line tight.". Redfish fly patterns are pre-tied onto chemically sharpened hooks. Most are at least 3 inches long, have bead eyes, and are white, brown, or chartreuse. Learn to tie the Poppin’ Flats Shrimp in the HD Fly Tying Video below. The fairytale being that this species as a whole is fantastically oversized and easily bamboozled with fur and feathers. It has been deadly on snook, redfish, and seatrout throughout the South Eastern United States for years. Not just as an angler, but also as a person. Rhett with Once Bitten Fishing LLC. Recommended patterns include the Crafty Shrimp, Johns LC Shrimp, EP Minnow, Pole Dancer, any type of gurgler, Crease Fly, and my favorite the Black Mamba. Ok, another classic pattern I love chasing reds with is the “Go-To” Sparkle Shrimp. I have tied them in all different sizes depending on the situation and the fish i am after. We appreciate every last follower and hope you enjoy the ride, "Redfish Flies" is loaded to the gills with ultra high resolution photography illustrating how to tie and fish some of todays best redfish … Aug 23, 2012 - Explore Drew Chicone's board "Redfish Flies", followed by 249 people on Pinterest. I’m Capt. Episode 72 of the Backwater Vlog showcases a great redfish fly for dark water scenarios and especially effective as a redfish fly pattern for the Louisiana marsh. Proven fly patterns for summer Redfish are baitfish and shrimp patterns! Weedguard: Yes. call us with questions. Note: Tie this pattern in colors and combinations to match the naturals or as an attractor. I’ve had a bunch of requests for the recipe of the Redfish Crack. If you want to go for larger bull redfish, bump your size up to 5 or 6 inch flies. View our HD Photo Tutorial for this fly by CLICKING HERE! The lifestyle that is called fly fishing has taken me to some amazing destinations and has provided me with some amazing experiences in the wild. However a variation called the "cracklin" has come out that I feel is much better. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. Custom made brush makes up the tail collar, while fox brush is used to build up the head of this fly. This fly is quick and easy and it will get eaten by redfish anywhere and everywhere. If you will be fishing for tarpon then the Black Death, Tarpon Bunny, or Tarpon Baitfish are great choices as well. We currently offer three different color patterns to help fit your unique fishing environment. It is also to have a good selection of baitfish patterns as well when fly fishing for redfish. Redfish Flies 2 – Advanced Techniques for Tying Eight Winning Redfish Patterns There’s a common misconception that all redfish are pushovers on fly. From chasing big salty critters in the Florida Keys, to roosters in Coast Rica, to small wild trout in the Carolinas, and all the way up to the high mountain cutthroat of Wyoming; I have been blessed to experience fly fishing at its finest. As a rule redfish crabs don’t need to be terribly realistic, only suggestive, and most should sink like they mean it. Judge Orders FDA to Rethink Approval of GMO Salmon, Lavezzinifly – A Day in the Alps: A Fly Fishing Adventure, Study To Examine Role Of Regional Magnetism In Migration Of Bristol Bay Salmon. Our favorites are listed below. Your email address will not be published. That is a great area to fish for sure. My own favorite redfish crab pattern is the Merkin in size four. Featured in two color schemes … This shrimp fly comes in two different color patterns on my online fly shop and is great as a search pattern or sight fishing. If you’ll use these materials and super glue the thread after each step the fly will be virtually indestructible. And an irreverently serious voice was born. Sinks down… Reel Pure, a grassroots lifestyle fly fishing brand, and Moldy Chum, an industry intoxicated media channel, got into bed. Redfish in the lagoon and Indian River systems of Florida’s space coast have an obsession with this type of fly. This pattern is in the color scheme I tend to fish most. tying my go to redfish fly. Scott Null. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Candy Corn Crawler is a great choice when targeting redfish. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. My own favorite redfish crab pattern is the Merkin in size four. So there they are guys. It follows you along in your travels, and camps out with you when you decide to plant your roots. It is a mix of a number of different patterns and works great as a shrimp, crab or even a baitfish. These are among the best redfish flies for sale as they pack a lot of protein. This fly is not only fantastic on redfish, but works very well for snook and baby tarpon as well. Menu. Also remember to follow this blog and like Backwater Fly Fishing on Facebook. As for flies, The Poppin Flats Shrimp, the Candy Corn Crawler, the Flash Fur Baitfish, the Backwater Special, and the Tarantula Shrimp are all some of my favorite patterns for fishing over there. When presenting this fly to redfish, you want the fly … Every fish has its challenge and every fish has something new to teach you. View the “Go-To” Sparkle Shrimp pattern on our Online Fly Shop. And of course if you ever have any questions at all, feel free to Contact Us at anytime and we will be more than happy to help. As a rule redfish crabs don’t need to be terribly realistic, only suggestive, and most should sink like they mean it. Truthfully, there are a lot of different redfish fly patterns that all work well. This powerful gamefish is just made for an 8 weight fly rod resulting in its growth in popularity. See more ideas about saltwater flies, red fish, fly fishing. A good little shrimp pattern for fly fishing for redfish. Most any color combination will work, but I like brown or white and hardly ever use anything else. My favorite redfish fly pattern is a fuzzy variation of Tim Borski’s Chernobyl shrimp. Olive Copper. 4. The author says many fly patterns tempt red drum, but he usually keeps a selection of bead-eye and lead-eye flies on hand.Pat Ford. JJ’s Marsh Mop. Ade. Tight lines Copper/Rust. View our selection of High Tie, Ostrich Clouser Minnows on our Online Fly Shop. Next up is a killer pattern for obvious reasons. Redfish Fly Patterns. View the Candy Corn Crawler pattern on our Online Fly Shop. These flies were the tools that helped me along the way. A very simple and easy to tie pattern that catches fish. Baby Tarpon Specials…What is your favorite, and why. Free Delivery. You need a few faux crabs in your fly box. In May of 2006, a like-minded posse formed. A variety of colors work well for reds, trout and sheepshead. The Batman Fly is an easy pattern to tie and works well when targeting tailing Redfish in a variety of scenarios. If you'd like to chew the fat, shoot us a note at Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Colors I do not leave home without are: Black/Purple, and Brown/Tan. Choose the 3-pack option for a discounted price. green and white clouser minnow similar to the one pictured below. To read the rest of the interview, and for the complete step-by-step instructions for tying this redfish fly and 7 more, download your copy of Redfish Flies at I’ve been tweaking it to suit myself for the last few months. this utilizes small legs to help give this fly a little more movement and fish enticement. ( Log Out /  I’ve also found that combinations of this pattern in purple and chartreuse work great in the Louisiana marsh on big redfish. This is the second installment of Redfish Flies. Short, three-part, 6- to 8-foot leaders with 30-pound-test tippets are standard. Tied with bead chain eyes, so it is lightweight. Redfish flies The Redfish Crack is a very effective pattern for many species like speckled trout, redfish, and flounder in the gulf of Mexico. Jesse Males, an avid fly fishing, snook snatching, kayak paddling, tarpon slaying, mountain hiking, manatee swimming fool from Central Florida. Thanks and great photo! ( Log Out /  This next fly made the the list for obvious reasons, and needs little to no introduction. A few weeks ago, a customer of mine sent me a picture of a shrimp that he wanted me to tie for him. ( Log Out /  Crabs. Some popular patterns include the Merkin, KungFu, Contraband, Flexo, Fleeing Crabs, and many more. Since 1994 in Columbus, Ohio Free shipping over $50 / Call toll free: 1-888-451-0363. Plus, if you see a Black Drum or a Sheepshead while searching for Redfish, this is a great pattern … The black clouser in this picture below is tied in a tradtional pattern and the other two are tied in a high tie style. The Candy Corn Crawler is one of our favorite flies for inshore saltwater scenarios. And of course you can always check out more of our favorite fly patterns in our flies section of our website. As for a guide, I would get in touch with Capt. Choosing Redfish Fly Patterns The grass beds of South Florida waters (above) attract school-size reds in great numbers. Also dont put to much material on the underside of the hook. Unweighted this fly will site 2-3 inches under the surface of the water perfect for feeding redfish look up or their next meal. In this video I am. View more posts. I’m coming out from the uk to fish for reds in early May. Head down south to the Louisiana fishing playgrounds in and around New Orleans and the Biloxi Marsh area, an estuary network of 210,000 acres of coastal wetlands located on the eastern side of Louisiana which borders the Gulf of Mexico, you will find yourself in the mecca of redfish fly fishing. This is the sixth installment of Redfish Flies. How big should we tie gurglers? My largest redfish was 46 inches and was caught on a Fl. Your email address will not be published. Top Redfish Flies. Tie it on a 1/0 hook and use bead eyes, even though it’s a shallow-water fly. on orders over $50* Fly Fishing Professionals. Check out our selection of our favorite shrimp flies on our Online Fly Shop. Redfish love crabs, and they eat all kinds- swimming crabs, mud crabs, fiddler crabs, horseshoe crabs, and more. So far, by chasing redfish on the fly I have learned countless lessons about life and how to measure success. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. I like to tie my clousers fairly sparse and in a high tie style. If you have any comments or patterns to share please comment in the space below. When in Doubt, Fish Down. If you do not tie your own flies then you can find all of those on my online fly shop, Brown and down was once the design criteria for redfish patterns meaning weighted patterns of brown color schemes. 4. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Over the years fly fishing has had a huge impact on my life and particularly on how I view the world we spend our time in. There are many different fly patterns that work well for Louisiana redfish fly fishing. Louisiana is a flourishing fly fishing locale for redfish, especially during the winter when the bull reds push into the interior marshes. Hook: Size 2 Daiichi 2546 Saltwater Fly Hook . Required fields are marked *. Redfish fly patterns like clouser minnows and redfish minnows will always get the job done. Fly Fishing for Redfish Tips and Tricks. Choosing Redfish Fly Patterns Don’t target only redfish and trout with the No-Name Shrimp. Blue Crab. The gray over white EP Bait fish is exactly what you will need when trying to catch redfish with a bait fish fly pattern. Fly Fishing. I got this pattern from Andy Packmore at Fishing Tackle Unlimited. Target species: Redfish, Trout Murdich's Wiggler Fly While sometimes considered a freshwater fly pattern for Bass, Steelhead, and other species, this is a great top water pattern for Redfish, too. Since 1994 in Columbus, Ohio +1-888-451-0363. The name of this one is the Poppin’ Flats Shrimp. The craft fur, Arctic fox body hair, and grizzly flutter legs mimic the appearance of the larger legs towards the front of a shrimp’s body and the EP wooly critter brush tapers down to mimic the appearance of the smaller legs towards the tail. If you do, then it will skim the surface rather and get a nice chug/pop. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Any tips on fly selection would be greatly appreciated also you know any guides that work in that area. Purple/Black/Pink. Redfish love crabs, and they eat all kinds- swimming crabs, mud crabs, fiddler crabs, horseshoe crabs, and more. Similar to our Redfish Cracklin pattern but with more of a baitfish profile. First up is a realistic, shrimp gurgler pattern that I developed for sight fishing spooky redfish in Central Florida. The main thing is making sure you use a hook that does not weigh the fly down too much. Shrimp Pink. I grew up just north of there in Crystal River. The Wiggler imitates a struggling baitfish and stays near the surface for scenarios when Redfish are feeding on top. Redfish fly patterns have flourished of late just as the fishery itself has continued to grow and grow. Seven hot flies for chasing red drum throughout the coastal south. ( Log Out /  Heavy flies that sink quickly ensure that the fish actually see the fly when you make a presentation. Skinny Water Minnow Fly A small school of … For the vast majority of us, catching redfish on fly is just not that easy… and tying and designing flies for them, takes a little more than luck and a sharp hook. Nice and light, plenty of wiggle and small in size, make this a great option for redfish and sheepshead. You need a few faux crabs in your fly box. Hi Jesse. If you examine the facial structure of a redfish, you'll see that the fish's … Change ), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window). The Half and Half Clouser is another great baitfish fly to have in … toll free. If you have any more questions feel free to email me at My top 4 fly patterns for fishing Central Florida redfish. I am currently the owner and operator of as well as our online fly shop, I am pretty sure that it is a staple with most anglers that are in pursuit of redfish. Summer Redfish Flies. This fly is blended with a UV flash material that gives a life like look to this fly when in the water. Crab flies are deadly for targeting Redfish (and Sheepshead) in the Gulf Coast region. Redfish leaders are simple with one goal: to turn over a heavy fly in a the wind and play a tough game of tug-of-war. We are staying in hernando beach. Crabs.

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